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I am Joy, mommy of a spectacular little girl, and graduate of U of MS med school class of 2012, and finishing general surgery residency at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, in 2018. My husband, Josh, graduated med school with me and will finish neurosurgery residency (also at Mayo) in 2019. We started this crazy journey about 10 years ago with the most idealistic notions imaginable of helping as many people as possible. Well, here we are, staring out into the quickly approaching “real world” and wondering what exactly┬áto do next. This website and blog are intended to help organize the massive amounts of research I am doing about the various aspects of pursuing a humanitarian career in medicine. We are absorbing as much information as possible and experimenting with life in general, and are by no means the experts–we are the learners! We are hoping to provide a platform for the global health community and deep, comprehensive discussions about what we are doing, why, and most importantly, HOW to DO humanitarian medicine. We would love for you to join us on our path to discovery.

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Thank you for visiting! Please email any questions, comments, ideas for posts, etc., to joy@indiedocs.org.