Recommended Online Resources

Effective Altruism


Doctors Without Borders (Medicins Sans Frontieres): Multispecialty

Helps International : Multi-specialty

Novick Cardiac Alliance: Cardiac Surgery, Intensive Care, Cardiology, multi-disciplinary

Operation Smile: Multi-specialty and multi-disciplinary

PLEDGE Health: Emergency Medicine

Financial Independence

Choose FI website and podcast  for so so many reasons. The website has tons of info and is a great resource for practical information about travel hacking, starting a blog, starting any entrepreneurial endeavor, and links to other great articles, blogs, and books. I stalk the show notes after listening to nearly every episode. I also used their step for step instructions on how to start a website along with Making Sense of Cents from their episode #69.

Physician on FIRE, a widely read resource for physicians pursing financial independence and early retirement.

White Coat Investor, perhaps THE definitive resource and best place to start for physicians who need to better understand and manage finances.

Mr. Money Mustache for motivation and more reality-checks in every posts than you can imagine. Truly will make you reevaluate time and money spent on the most ordinary stuff.

Making Sense of Cents for practical advice on budgeting and creating a blog. I practically followed her instructions step for step to start our blog.

Montana Money Adventures for guidance on focusing our attention on the priority, living a life of purpose and passion, and going for BIG goals. Actionable tips and deep thinking abound in her goldmine of content, and I will be posting my worksheets from her Resource Library (free with signing up for her awesome newsletter).

Raptitude for refreshing, thought-provoking articles regarding the meaning of life and overcoming burnout. Written by a radiologist who recovered from his own burnout; I found his message extremely relevant to our community of physicians who find tremendous sense of purpose in breaking out of the corporate medicine mold and pursuing passion projects. After all, humanitarian work has been shown to combat burnout!

Docs Outside the Box is a podcast by Dr. Nii Darko with an expanded focus from finances to innovative thinking about careers as physicians. Companion website (literally) is the blog written by Mrs. Dr. Darko “Keeping up with the Darkos” where we get details about their financial journey of paying off $800,000 of debt, reaching work/life balance, and working on their goals as a couple. This is a fun and immensely informative resource that I was so glad to find.

Charitable Giving

Humanitarian Medicine

Effective Altruism:

History and Humanitarianism for academic reading on many of the topics relevant to the history and culture of humanitarian missions. Her articles and book Idealism Beyond Borders are highly educational regarding how the field of humanitarian medicine evolved. 

One.Surgery, a website and journal devoted to inspiring surgeons interested in Global projects and providing educational content through their website, online magazine, and peer-reviewed journal. Also follow their twitter account at @OneDotSurgery 

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International Collaboration for Essential Surgery (ICES) @EssentlSurgery